The Cursing

So… Here’s the thing, my husband says I raised by heathens.  I was raised by a creative open minded mother, she had a traumatic childhood and indulged her two daughters as a result.  My father is an atheist with a fantastic sense of humor, and my entire family loves to laugh and curse.  The dirtier the joke, the more they laugh.  So my entire family, when we get together, there is much laughter and foul language.  We have  a great time.  My dad has said more than once that enjoys curse words, and honestly so do I!  I work with children, so I can and do filter my language when necessary.  Old people, children, my bosses… but I feel so comfortable at home, especially when my husband and I are alone.  I enjoy cursing, it actually makes me happy.  And after being at work all day, when I get home, I just want to relax and be real.  My real self, enjoys cursing.

My husband was raised differently. He hates when I curse.  It was a huge part of my spanking lecture.  And yet last night I cursed.  I didn’t even think about it.  I was in my own home, only the two of us, and I was enjoying my one night off.  I start a 16 day stretch of work tomorrow, it consists of 122 hours.  The money is good, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a lot of work without a break.  So last night I just wanted to let loose, I hold it in all day,  but I didn’t want to in my own home.

So I cursed, something about my phone, I said fuck or fucking more than once.  I got the look from him followed by “this is your one chance”.   I asked what would happen should I accidentally let another one slip and he said 5 lashes.

Well it didn’t take long for me to exclaim “what the hell?” About something… and 5 lashes, surprisingly over my thin pajama pants.  I was then promised that each additional curse would add one more lash.  I got to 7 last night due to cursing two more times.

But I have issues with this.  If it’s just us, my husband and I, why do I have to filter?  I want to let loose, I want to curse.  He disagrees.

I swore 3 times, he promised one extra lash for every time I swore.  So I ended up with 7 lashes by the middle of our evening.  At that point, I was angry, I enjoy curse words. So I started an argument.   I want to be able to curse in my home, especially when he is only company.  He said no.  He would not allow me to curse at all in his company.  I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t budge.

Thats when I got mad.  I felt like my opinion didn’t matter.  I tried to explain,  but he wouldn’t hear it.  He wouldn’t listen to anything, cutting me off mid sentence with warnings.

Talk about mad…  wich I expressed to him. That I didn’t feel heard.

He took me back,  and with the hairbrush paddle I got spanked worse than last night!  It was longer and more painfull

I apparently cannot be myself in my own home.  I also apparently cannot save myself.  I’m now up to 28 lashes for cursing on Sunday.  My butt is black and blue and my husband has decided to start maintenance.  10 smacks every night, more if I misbehave.   This is going to continue until he sees improvement.  Not to mention the cursing spankings, that number will continue to rise every time I accidentally swear.  Thankfully so far he’s been delivering those with a wooden back scratcher over my pajama pants.  I can’t imagine how bad it would be if he decided to bare my butt and use something harsher!


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